Eliminating Auto Theft at Your Dealership

Eliminating Auto Theft at Your Dealership

No auto dealership should put security on the backburner. In the absence of the proper security practices, theft and product loss are likely to occur on a consistent basis, thereby costing dealerships a hefty sum. Given how expensive most vehicles are, a single theft is liable to represent a sizable financial loss to any car lot. Instead of resigning yourself to eating the occasional loss, why not put active security measures into effect? As you’ll find, protecting your inventory from theft and preventing product loss doesn’t have to be an arduous undertaking.

Fulltime Security Personnel

Every large and mid-sized lot should have at least one fulltime security officer on the payroll. This person will spend their days monitoring camera feeds, patrolling the lot and physically taking stock of inventory. Furthermore, they’ll be able to respond to attempt thefts and other threats in real time, thereby reducing the likelihood of product loss. When shopping around for the right security officer, look for someone who has experience guarding car lots and is well-versed in theft prevention. Additionally, depending on the size of your lot, you may need to employ a multi-person security staff.

Technology-Based Solutions

While there will always be a place for security personnel and physical inventory counts on car lots, technology-based solutions can prove tremendously beneficial to your loss-prevention efforts. With this in mind, dealership owners should consider the many benefits of Zurich Connected Cars. Serving a broad range of dealerships and rental services, Zurich Connected Cars provides businesses with convenient cloud-based solutions to their inventory woes. After equipping the vehicles on your lot with the company’s easy-to-install OBD adapters, you’ll be able to instantly track their locations through the cloud. Zurich also provides clients with a user-friendly mobile application, enabling them to keep track of their inventory from any location. So if you’ve been looking for an effective way to take the grunt work out of inventory counts, Zurich Connected Cars is just what the doctor ordered.

Properly Secured Vehicles

There are numerous measures you can take to make your vehicles less thief-friendly. For starters, rare and highly valuable vehicles should be stored indoors throughout the overnight hours. Should you lack sufficient space for this, make sure your security team keeps an extra vigilant eye on these cars. Secondly, take care to use wheel locks on your vehicles, as this will make it very difficult for thieves to get far and is liable to make many criminals give up altogether. Furthermore, all vehicle keys should be kept in a safe, monitored location, and all employees should be expected to adhere to a strict sign-out process whenever they take cars off the lot.

A poorly guarded auto dealership represents a treasure trove to many criminals. While there’s no definitive end-all solution to vehicle theft, there are numerous steps dealerships and car lots can take to significantly reduce product loss. Although this entails being a little more vigilant about keeping track of inventory and spending a little bit of money, these efforts will ultimately pay off in a big way.