4 Important Care with the Air Conditioning of Your Car

4 Important Care with the Air Conditioning of Your Car

With the noise and pollution generated by traffic in major urban centers, it is difficult to get around with the windows of the car open, is not it? But in our country, even in winter, closing the windows means increasing the internal temperature of the vehicle. If you need to replace or install a new car AC spare part, place your order on www.Sparepartstore24.co.uk.

See, in today’s post, how to take care of your car’s air conditioning to avoid rush and heat at rush hour:

Cabin Filter or Anti-Pollen

Decorate this name for when you bring your car to the specialist garage for the first time. It is that the anti-pollen filter is responsible for eliminating impurities from the air you breathe inside the vehicle. That is, if it is covered by dirt, it probably will not be able to perform its function. In addition, as the impurity crust prevents the passage of air.

Understand the commands

Using the air conditioner is not just pressing the on and off button. Getting to know the air blower controls is essential to prevent the equipment from getting spoiled and leave you, literally, in suffocation. Although the digital air has many buttons and controls to reach the exact temperature.

Do not make air an enemy of the battery

Some basic procedures are essential to extend the life of the car battery. One is to turn off the air conditioning before starting. This is because the connected equipment ends up causing the vehicle to demand more electric charge to get started, which considerably affects the battery.

Another important measure is not to continuously drive the air re-circulator, since the lack of fresh air inside the vehicle can be harmful to the health of the passengers.

Know when it’s time to go to the workshop

Over time, the air conditioning may begin to show some wear, which makes it essential to visit the mechanic every six months, preferably.

The complete hygiene of the air system, with the proper exchange of filters, cannot be forgotten. Failure to service your vehicle’s air conditioning can cause some discomfort, such as cough, rhinitis, sore throat and even pneumonia.