What is the role of technical staff in the automotive industry?

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All automotive industries are involved in making different designs, manufacturing, and marketing of different motor vehicles. They are also available in servicing every type of automobile. The word automotive is a Greek word auto means self in Latin and motives mean motion. So the word automotive means the self-motion of different vehicles. This industry began in the 1860s, but in that time they were helping in the manufacture of horse carriages and with passing time they convert their knowledge and experience to automobile production.

Proper education:

This field requires proper education and training. Many employees of this field have some vocational training in automotive service and after that, with a certificate, they apply for the trainee position in any automotive servicing industry. Some high schools also offer programs because of the great scoop of this field. Some schools are providing training with the help of some automotive industries.

Skills and qualification for automotive servicing:

The best skill of these automotive engineers have, they can recognize the source of the problem in any automobile. They can judge these problems with their experience and their knowledge. Some automobiles have different problems every time but these technicians find every type of trouble and problem. These trainees and skilled people have good communication skills because sometimes they have to investigate different things from the owner to find out the problem of the automobile. These automotive servicing stations and their employees stay up to date with every new technique and instrument regarding their field and automobile. Finding a hard situation and then solve them with expert opinions is the best work in automotive servicing.

  • In automotive service, the workers find out the problem, suggest things to maintain that problem and repair automobiles, trucks.
  • They maintain automobiles that run on gasoline, diesel, electricity and other fuels.
  • These automotive service technicians help in performing basic maintenance and care of the automobiles.
  • They also maintain the car’s oil change, tire maintenances, solving complex problems and perform other vehicle repairs.

Here at “Citi car” we tune-up and check different cars and their maintenance procedures after a specific period according to the need of the vehicle. Some manufacture companies set up maintenance routines for their cars and trucks. We follow those rules and routines, but sometimes different vehicles need sudden repair. We can repair and maintain every type of vehicle in our service area. We also maintain the engine and our staff is trained for engine tuning. Engine tuning and vehicle tuning are two different processes. Some people want to modify their cars with up to date engines we also replace and repair old engines with new and up to date engines.

Basic car maintenance service at our service station is:

  1. Oil changing.
  2. Replacement of oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, engine, a/c filter, and spark plug.
  3. Checking of brake fluid.
  4. Grease and lubricant checking.
  5. Charging and lubrications.
  6. Tire maintenances.
  7. Proper light operation and wiper condition.