Vitality and Benefits of Car Transport Services

Vitality and Benefits of Car Transport Services


Although the automobile transportation industry may be ironic since automobiles are designed to provide transportation, there are numerous benefits for transporting a vehicle through a vehicle shipping service. Each year, there are around 19 million cars shipped across the United States on trucks, both new vehicles and precious collectibles. Whether a car owner is relocating to another state for work, moving for school or even a winner of an eBay car auction, transporting a vehicle through a quality car shipping service may aid in simplifying a relocation task in its entirety.

When an individual is seeking to transport their vehicle regardless of the rationale, they generally elect the cheapest available service. Price alone should not be the deciding factor for a number of reasons. A transporting service’s price is generally a reflection of that company’s equipment quality. When a transporting or car delivery service’s prices are inexpensive, this typically indicates that a vehicle will be transported through an open-carrier with sub-par equipment. Although this should raise a red-flag, it is equitable considering that a new, enclosed shipping-rig with high quality safety equipment can cost as much as $500,000.

Regardless of the shipping carrier or company an individual elects, there are a few uniform standards that should be expected. If a vehicle is shipped through an open-carrier, it will be secured on the truck using heavy-duty chains. These chains are generally secured around a vehicle’s axle, which may actually induce unnecessary stress and strain if they are over-tightened. If the chains become loose, they will bang against a vehicle during the ride in its entirety, specifically during every bump and pot-hole. Additionally, a vehicle being transported on an open-carrier is more susceptible to theft, damage and weather. Opposingly, a vehicle that is transported by an enclosed trailer will be secured by nylon straps or even wheel nets to protect the wheels during transportation. Low clearance vehicles can often benefit from this form of vehicle transport, as the majority of enclosed transportation trailers have lift gates for low clearance vehicles. Vehicles transported in this fashion will also be protected against harsh weather conditions and are less prone to incur theft or damage.

There are numerous variables that affect the transportation process. For an example, the vehicle owner must be knowledgeable of whether they will be required to drive the vehicle to the transport-carrier or have it picked up at their convenience, whether the transporter will deliver the vehicle upon reaching the destination, whether the vehicle will be transported along with other vehicles, the estimated delivery time, road hazards and standards and much more. These are all equitable concerns that must be reviewed between the carrier company and the vehicle owner.

Not only do individuals with needs for transporting their vehicles benefit from auto-transports, vehicle dealerships utilize this method across the United States. All brand-new cars that arrive at these dealerships are delivered through a reputable shipping company. Whether an individual is purchasing a vehicle in another state and does not want to add mileage to the vehicle, or even relocating to a warm-summer getaway destination, there are a number of benefits for utilizing this convenient service.