The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars


Some of us have already seen them on the road and are trying to get a grasp on what is happening to the transportation world. Electric cars have hit the market whether you like it or not. It has happened fairly quickly and there is no slowing down. As more people become concerned about their health and not wanting to consume exhausts on the way to work, electric cars are becoming the answer and the solution. However, prior to opening your wallet to the next electric car dealership, it’s important to sit down and consider some pros and cons.

Reduced Emissions

This is kind of an obvious benefit that will come with electric cars. Since they operate on an electric battery there is no worry about the tailpipe emissions that is essentially killing us slowly and damaging our healthy bodies. Pollution from cars on the road have hit an all time high in the world. Having a rechargeable battery keeps emissions down and relives us of all of the bad air.

Maintenance and Performance

Electric cars require little maintenance which most don’t realize. Cars with engines, though some electric cars have engines, often keep us at the repair shop. This can be a headache within and of itself and is frustrating. We are all used to having to negotiate some kind of deal when fret over when our car needs fixing. It’s expensive and the repairs never seem to be stop. Electric cars have way better performance as well. One can get used to the quiet ride and smooth handling on the road. The AEV motors are known to react quickly with good response time.


This can a bit of a downer and you will have to plan well when driving an electric car. We are so used to filling up the gas tank for that road trip and never giving it a second thought about not being able to find a gas station. We rely heavily on our full gas tank to take where we are going. Electric cars are a bit different and don’t travel has far as you may want. Most have a range of 300 miles and for some that can be driving to and from work. We all make little stops here and there throughout our days and those miles can certainly add up. You can find a level two charging station in your area.


Electric cars will also affect your wallet. They are way more expensive than regular engine cars and for some that can be a challenge. Many people are probably not quite there when it comes to shelling out more money on a car they need. There are also additional expense to consider such as charging stations. It simply comes with the territory when you buy an electric car. When you do reach a charging station there might be an extra cost and you certainly will be spending a lot of time in the car as it charges.