Roof Racks NZ- How Do I Stop My Roof Rack From Whistling?

Roof Racks NZ- How Do I Stop My Roof Rack From Whistling?

You will not agree more that a whistling roof rack is nothing but great annoyance. It is capable of ruining your whole mood and especially if it comes for long trips. If you are wondering what is the major cause of this whistling then it is majorly caused by the collision of the roof rack with the winds. Luckily roof rollers do not make the sound but it is the sound of rack that becomes annoying when the car is at full speed. But do not you crease your forehead as this matter can be easily fixed in several ways. We will go about different types of fixes in detail but to be concise just know that fairing, crossbars, deflector, and DIY are the best-known methods. If you are questioning which of the methods works the best then know that all the methods are equally effective when properly implemented. So go for the method which is the most convenient.

Installation OF Wind Fairing

You need to know that wind deflector is also known as wind fairing. You should ideally use this method if you own a roof rack and roof roller. One can easily fix the wind noise by installing the wind fairing. Do not crease your forehead as wind fairing easily gets installed. These are a plastic shield that deflects the wind further away from the rack which in turn reduces the whistling sound. The fairings have different lengths which means they can easily get fitted to any type of vehicle. If you are worried about the paint of your car then do not crease your forehead as most of the wind fairing has strips of protective film for protecting the paint. Now you know that wind fairings offer a great fix for roof rack but what about the affordability. Well, it can cost you over fifty dollars and it all depends on the size, design, or brand you choose. You need to realize that size of the wind fairing heavily influences the price. One will need a longer wind fairing for larger vehicles for optimum performance.  Before purchasing the wind fairings make sure that they are compatible with your roof racks. Sometimes this incompatibility issue may get your pocket in trouble.

Getting Aerodynamic Roof Rack Crossbars

Now might already be aware of the crossbars but do you know what aerodynamic crossbars are? These are for reducing the wind noise to a great extent. What is the difference between a conventional square, circular bars, and aerodynamic crossbars? Well, aerodynamic ones are intentionally designed with an oval shape. This oval shape allows air to flow around the crossbars and that too without whistling. Additionally, one will find aerodynamics crossbars with other interesting features. Some crossbars will have a wind diffuser strip that will mean a further reduction in the noise of the wind.

Diy Roof Rack Diffuser

Have you tried using a bungee cord for diffusing the wind hitting the rack and roof roller? This is a great DIY hack if you do not want to invest your money in roof rack wind fairing.