Learn to drive around roundabouts

Learn to drive around roundabouts

One way circular roads to keep traffic from several roads flowing is called roundabouts. Beginner drivers get confused about how to drive around these roundabouts. Many times learners signal incorrectly or choose the wrong lanes and cause confusions potentially for the other road users.

aDriving is an institute that aims to explain to you all the rules, regulations, tips, and techniques about driving safely most appropriately and straightforwardly. Here are the key points you have to remember to choose the right lane and signal correctly.

aDriving lessons Luton guides you about a roundabout as it is just like a clock face. You always approach a roundabout from the bottom of the clock (6 o’clock). If you need to have a straight exit that is directly opposite to your initial position (12 o’clock). Any of the exits after 12 o’clock will be the right-hand turn. Thinking about a roundabout in this way is much easier to select the correct lane.

Tips for going ahead:

  • Check your left door and back view mirror
  • No need to signal as you approach
  • Stay in the left-hand lane
  • Enter the roundabout in the left-hand lane
  • Try to find a safe gap when you approach
  • Start signalling as you pass the exit before the one you are going to take
  • Check passenger door window to assure safe exit
  • Don’t stop signalling until you are on the new road

Tips for turning right:

  • Check the back view and right door mirrors
  • As you approach there signal right
  • Try to move into the right lane in good time
  • Look for a safe gap and enter the roundabout in the right-hand lane
  • Check mirrors and start signalling left while passing the exit just before the one you need to take
  • Keep the signal on until you are on the new road

Tips for turning left:

  • Check middle and left door mirrors
  • Signal left as you approach and stay in the left-hand lane
  • Look for a safe gap and keep left signal on until you are in the new road

I hope this information will help you a lot while driving around a roundabout.