FAQ’s: How Much Do You Know about Tyre?

FAQ's: How Much Do You Know about Tyre?

On the off chance that you’ve been thinking about how to deal with, care for, or buy new tyres for your vehicle, but have a lot of questions that you are opting for to be answered than you have just landed on the right article.

Our experts from PitStopArabia (an online tyre store in Dubai) answered some of the frequently asked questions about tyres and revealed how you can build your tire’s life and clarify why regular maintenance is significant.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about tyres and their answer:

1.      How to figure out the correct tyre pressure for my tyre?

Bad tire pressure is the main source of decreased tyre life, that is why you should check your vehicle’s tire pressure in any event once every month. You can find the recommended and ideal tyre pressure for your tyre:

  • In the owner’s manual
  • On the placard posted on the front door jam
  • On the sidewall of the tyre itself
  • On the tyre vendor or manufacturer website

If you cannot keep up with monthly check-up of the tyre pressure, it’s okay, because you can always install the TPMS in your vehicle in case your vehicle does not come with it pre-installed. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), automatically will let you know if the tire pressure falls underneath 25% of its pre-set limit. A TPMS typically goes on for as long as 10 years and will alarm you when it’s time to re-inflate your tyres.

2.      When should you replace your tyre?

Tyre of the vehicle wear out with time and use that is why it is inescapable and inevitable, so you should be cautious with regards to replacing your tyres timely in order to avoid any mishaps.

Following are some of the signs that your tyre is wearing off and you need to replace it as soon as possible:

  1. In the event that you notice wear on your tyres and your vehicle’s wear bars are disappearing
  2. Your tire exhibits a cut, puncture, split, or bulge
  3. You notice visible and serious damage on the sidewall of the tyre
  4. The steel cords or fabric in the tyre housing is visible
  5. Tread depth is below the limit prescribed by the authorities in your area

You can likewise utilize the penny test or tread depth gauge to quantify tread depth.

3.      How do I know if my vehicle needs a wheel alignment?

In terms of the wheel alignment and tyre rotation, if you see your tyres exhibiting uneven wear than it might be the time to perform wheel alignment and thorough check of your suspension framework. Wheel alignment ultimately ensures that you have an even wear and better handling out and about.

4.      How do I know the size of my tyre?

You can discover your vehicle’s tire size from the tyre code which is imprinted on the sidewall of your tire. Below is the sample of the tyre code and how you can decode it to obtain the tyre size of your tyre:

Tyre code sample:


Here is the breakdown of the tyre code:

P intended use or vehicle class for the tyre
215 Nominal section width in millimetre
65 Nominal aspect ratio
R Tyres Internal Construction
15 Rim diameter code
95 Load Index
H Speed Symbol, indicating max. Speed
M+S Snow condition

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You can also find the default tyre size for your vehicle; from the owner’s manual, by entering the credentials of your vehicle such as make and model in the search section of the online tyre store, or simply you can consult your vehicle manufacturer.

5.      For what reason Should I Rotate My Tires?

As your front tyres are worked more; they turn both ways, they lean towards the heading they’re going, which means front tires wear all the more rapidly when compared to the tyres in the rear, that is why you should rotate your tyres to ensure that you get the most life out of your tyres.

Getting your tires rotated every 6,000 mi. guarantees that every one of your tires wears all the more equitably and keep going to the extent that is possible.

6.      What is speed index and how does it matter?

A tire’s speed symbol’ or ‘speed rating’ demonstrates the speed classification at which the tire can convey a specific load at specific tyre pressure. The speed rating framework was developed to ensure the safety of tyres under a standardized speed. In case you do not obey the speed limit prescribed for your tyre by the tyre manufacturer you might be risking a tyre failure.

You can identify the maximum speed your tyre can travel at via the tyre code. Here is how you can identify the speed rating for your tyre:

Tyre code sample:


In the above tyre code sample, ‘H’ is known as the speed symbol. This speed symbol can be translated into speed in KM/H by using the following table.

Al 5
A2 10
A3 15
A4 20
AS 25
A6 30
A7 35
A8 40
13 50
C 60
0 65
E 70
F 80
G 90
J 100
K 110
L 120
M 130
N 140
O 150
P 160
Q 170
R 180
S 190
T 200
U 210
V 240
W 270
Y 300

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