Ways to earn money with classic cars

Classic car owner is a status that you must be proud of. It is so joyful to talk about the history of your car, how you bought it, and how difficult it is to maintain its perfect appearance and conditions. But what if you get some extra money from your oldtimers? Here are few best ways to earn money with your Classic oldtimers: NOTE: Before starting your business, check with

Reasons Why You Always Spend More Than You Earn

Learning how to budget your income is an excellent idea. Sure, you want to buy whatever you want and enjoy your money. However, it would help if you also considered how much you earn each month. If you keep spending a lot more than you earn, it’s time to evaluate your finances. You can’t do the same thing at all times, or your budget will never be enough. These are

Best Car Accessories for Travel

Car accessories van benefit you whether you are going on a road trip or simply travelling long distance. Car Smart has so many incredible car gadgets, you will be spoilt for choice. Car accessories not only make travelling more convenient but they also make it more fun than it would otherwise be. The following gadgets should help improve your overall driving experience: Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger We use our


A Toyota Corolla for sale is now a remarkably common vehicle for any number of factors. Nowadays, vehicles are built for functionality and safety in addition to quality. There are numerous different models and forms that you can come across that would appeal to your needs. We’ll discuss a few reason why you may want to look at this vehicle available. To begin with, a Toyota Corolla is a vehicle

Tips for buying cheap auto parts from junkyards

When your car needs repair, you mostly focus on buying new car parts and in general, they are hard to find. Buying car parts from junkyards can be a convenient option. Of course, there are a few car parts you only cannot skimp on, like the breaks. But a few of them, such as the lock mechanism or the door handle or the knob on the radio can be a

Future Visions of the Auto Industry and Automotive Advertising Based on What Was and What Is

There comes a time in every parent life that their son or daughter get ready for prom, this is really exciting time for parents and teen agers, with the end of school year, graduation and the future prospects. With lots of going on, taking time to stop for few moments and cherish them can be difficult. Finding yourself at all overwhelmed by the experience is a normal thing and don’t

Honda Navi: The scooter that thinks it's a motorcycle

When it was first unveiled at the 2016 Auto Expo, it generated a lot of hype. It’s a cross between a motorcycle and a scooter and has been inspired by the Grom. As far the design is concerned, the little scooter manages to get a lot of attention. It has also often been mistaken for being an electric scooter, but that, it certainly is not. It has the underpinnings of

Eliminating Auto Theft at Your Dealership

No auto dealership should put security on the backburner. In the absence of the proper security practices, theft and product loss are likely to occur on a consistent basis, thereby costing dealerships a hefty sum. Given how expensive most vehicles are, a single theft is liable to represent a sizable financial loss to any car lot. Instead of resigning yourself to eating the occasional loss, why not put active security

What is a car repair manual?

The funniest thing that most vehicle owners have been observed to do is that they often own complete toolkits to fix or repair their cars, minus the car repair manual which to a certain degree is quite ridiculous. Given the fact that cars that roll out of production lines these days are simply not as ‘basic’ as they used to be and could be considered ‘quite complex’ as without a

How to keep your UTV/ATV running smooth knows that your side by side or an ATV is not just a toy to have fun and enjoy thrilling rides, but it is a substantial investment. To get most from your invested amount, there are things you should do to your UTV/ATV to keep it running smoothly in peak conditions. ·        Extreme heat and cold can wear down UTV/ATV engine: Extreme weathers produce stress on your ATV/UTV, and