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Future Visions of the Auto Industry and Automotive Advertising Based on What Was and What Is

There comes a time in every parent life that their son or daughter get ready for prom, this is really exciting time for parents and teen agers, with the end of school year, graduation and the future prospects. With lots of going on, taking time to stop for few moments and cherish them can be difficult. Finding yourself at all overwhelmed by the experience is a normal thing and don’t

Honda Navi: The scooter that thinks it's a motorcycle

When it was first unveiled at the 2016 Auto Expo, it generated a lot of hype. It’s a cross between a motorcycle and a scooter and has been inspired by the Grom. As far the design is concerned, the little scooter manages to get a lot of attention. It has also often been mistaken for being an electric scooter, but that, it certainly is not. It has the underpinnings of

Eliminating Auto Theft at Your Dealership

No auto dealership should put security on the backburner. In the absence of the proper security practices, theft and product loss are likely to occur on a consistent basis, thereby costing dealerships a hefty sum. Given how expensive most vehicles are, a single theft is liable to represent a sizable financial loss to any car lot. Instead of resigning yourself to eating the occasional loss, why not put active security

What is a car repair manual?

The funniest thing that most vehicle owners have been observed to do is that they often own complete toolkits to fix or repair their cars, minus the car repair manual which to a certain degree is quite ridiculous. Given the fact that cars that roll out of production lines these days are simply not as ‘basic’ as they used to be and could be considered ‘quite complex’ as without a

How to keep your UTV/ATV running smooth knows that your side by side or an ATV is not just a toy to have fun and enjoy thrilling rides, but it is a substantial investment. To get most from your invested amount, there are things you should do to your UTV/ATV to keep it running smoothly in peak conditions. ·        Extreme heat and cold can wear down UTV/ATV engine: Extreme weathers produce stress on your ATV/UTV, and

Why you should buy a Mercedes Car

The name Mercedes Benz is associated with class, power, and luxury. For instance, a Mercedes G Class does not pull up regularly on a given day. In fact, you’ll only see such cars in big cities and major towns as only the powerful and wealthy roll with them. However, you too can join the league if you are smart enough to find a Mercedes-Benz car within your budget. Come to

Your one stops automotive solution

Mostly, it is tough to find out a relevant shop or buyer who gives you the best automobile services. This especially happens with boys and men and boys are the lovers of cars and motorbikes. But as we know that things are getting advance and each day has come up with a new advancement so same as this, this is the time where your each and everything is just a

What are the benefits of tinting the windows of the car?

Car tinting is becoming popular across the world since years and the car owners find it to be something very useful as well. the tinting of the car is something that is bought most from the accessories of the cars and it is always best to get them tinted from some professionals like the Car Window Tinting Melbourne. The window tinting of the cars is not only something that can

California DUI & Penalties Guide

Many drivers end up consulting a traffic lawyer at some point in their lives. It’s easy to make a lapse in judgement that causes you to become involved in an accident. When this happens, it’s important to understand your rights and available courses of action. If your accident involves a DUI, you’ll want to talk to a DUI lawyer in California about what you can do to protect yourself. Here’s

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